According to the experts, cozy textiles, warm, earthy tones, antique objects, and intimate places are taking over the fall design landscape. Thousands of people redesigned their living areas at the start of 2020 to accommodate the needs of working parents and home-schooled children, among other things. As a result, the autumn 2021 trends reflect the more permanent alterations we have made to our homes in response to the pandemic. What is the key theme? Color, comfort, and convenience are all important factors. Here are seven trends that designers believe will be significant this season.

Earthy & Warm Neutrals

Behr anticipated that Muted Terracotta would be huge this year in September 2020. The terracotta trend appears to have grown into a whole fall color range, consisting of warm, earthy tones that almost exemplify the concept of cuddling up by the fire. Furthermore, we shouldn’t even get started on the warm and inviting textures accompanying this style.

Intimate Decor & Customized Furnishing

Given the Cottagecore and diverse modern design trends, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that antique, handmade, and personalized homewares are all the rage for fall 2021. We want to seek comfort in the things we know in times of uncertainty and disruption. For some, this means bringing out their grandmother’s 1940s collection of colored glassware. Others find that dusting off old photo frames, candlesticks, flowers, and even pieces of furniture can provide a sense of stability from the past they’ve lost touch with. As a result of the lockdown, many of us have developed new interests (birdwatchers, angry gardeners, etc.), and we want our homes to reflect these new, post-pandemic interests.

Natural Texture & Cozy Fabrics

Everyone in the fashion industry seems to agree on one thing: ultra-soft fabrics and natural textures are the new must-haves. Consider adding decorative elements like woven poufs or wool blankets to make your couch more comfortable on colder days. Additionally, having a personal hideaway someplace in your home might bring you delight in ways you never imagined!

Dividers & Room Partitions

It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed the way we think about our houses. Areas of the home formerly used for guests have been changed into schoolwork stations, while linen closets have been transformed into secret hideaways for parents who need a moment of peace. Nonetheless, one thing is sure: in our houses, the need for privacy and isolation has grown in importance. We’re witnessing an increase in interest in midcentury contemporary room dividers, which is a good thing!

Urban Cottage Kitchen

There was Cottagecore, then Cabincore, and now let us introduce you to Kitchencore. While Cottagecore has a more “frolicking in a meadow field” appearance, Cabincore keeps the English countryside theme with a more rustic feel. As a result, we see a mix of both creative themes in our kitchens for the fall season. Dark color palettes, stained woods, countertop stone with depth and movement, and eye-catching fixtures and hardware are not only durable and mess-friendlier than their white counterparts, but they are also more engaging.

Layered Bedrooms

While the words “cozy” and “pleasant” should always be associated with bedrooms and bed linens, the cuddle levels have been raised even higher for fall. To create layers of comfort throughout the entire bedroom this season, designers are looking beyond a simple pair of gauzy percale sheets to use various textures and materials.

Introducing the Outdoors

Most importantly, it is this movement that links everything together: the introduction of the outdoors indoors. You don’t have to literally purchase a million plants to bring nature into your home to achieve the desired effect. The use of natural fibers in furniture (rattan, cane, wicker, wood), fabrics (wool, linen), and maximum natural light are examples of what this can look like.