Teak Wood

One of the toughest and durable hardwoods— Teak, is known for its extreme durability with a high oil and wax content. If you are thinking of building lavish patios or backyards, this wood might be a good option.

The presence of oil consistency in it makes it water-resistant and keeps wood-eating insects at bay! Although it is one of the expensive options out there, this crucial investment surely serves you in the long run. It comes with a guarantee, and if properly taken care could last up to 80 years.

The best thing about this wood is it’s super easy to maintain. If in any way left untreated, this wood takes on a beautiful, attractive, silver-grey patina after six months or so. This change doesn’t actually affect the overall structural integrity of your furniture.

Due to wear and tear and continuous exposure to weather conditions, you can witness slight changes in the overall appearance, like small cracks or grains in the arms and legs, but this doesn’t affect its performance.

Teak Furniture

Although it keeps up with it as much as possible, it requires a bit of maintenance other than usual cleaning to remove all dust particles and dirt. For better cleaning results, you may need to add around ¼ cup of dishwashing soap, with 1 tbsp of bleach to 1 gallon of water, to give a perfect smooth scrub to your furniture.

Once you finish scrubbing it, it’s time to wash it with fresh water thoroughly. It is necessary to give it a decent scrub to remove all kinds of stubborn stains, like oil, wine, sand, and fine particles— ensuring you are helping it back to its life.

Although the silver-grey color of teak wood adds beauty to its rustic appeal, many people prefer restoring furniture to its original form and color. To achieve this, you may have to put effort into the finest results.

Teak wood is an excellent furniture material all around due to its hardwood properties.  You can use it for tables, chairs, desks, and even in sofas.  However, where it really shines is for outdoor furniture.  Its natural oils make it weather resistant and protect against insects.  As with any outdoor furniture, you’ll also need to invest some time towards the cleaning and general maintenance of your furniture.

Cleaning Teak Furniture

  1. Take a soft bristle brush, and clean the wood with soap and water.
  2. Let it dry out for some time.
  3. After that, you can apply a brightener to restore the wood’s original beauty and then rinse it. You can also get the original color back by lightly sanding the surface of each affected piece, but ensure to work in the grain direction.
  4. You can then apply a good quality UV blocking sealant and let the furniture dry out.
  5. If you want the wood’s original color to last, you will want to use a sealant. It’s essential to use an appropriate sealant for teak wood as the wrong kind can allow mildew growth.