Like clothing trends, interior decorating trends come and go and some get recycled. Some recycled trends even get mixed with a new idea for an exciting twist. 2019 is no different with some old favorites coming back to mix with new ideas and some older “one hit wonders.”  This year’s theme comes from the environment with people looking towards nature for inspiration and considering their impact on the environment.  Higher quality furniture like that offered by Another Man’s Treasure, whether it is new or you are giving it new life, is a great way to follow the trends.

Natural Fabrics Furniture

Furniture made from natural fabrics is a trend continuing into 2019. It’s not beholden to any one style, which makes it flexible for your particular room ideas. Another neat bonus to this furniture trend is the ability to find unique and handmade pieces.  Natural fabrics are high quality and give your rooms a clean, fresh look. 

Green & Nature Friendly

More and more people are bringing nature inside to complement the natural design of their rooms.  Large house plants can be placed around your carefully chosen furniture.  While you are shopping for your couch or coffee table keep your eyes out for large crocks, baskets or pots to house your selection of plants.  You may not be able to purchase house plants of various kinds at a furniture store, but when picking out your new style it would be fun to keep in mind what sorts of furniture would look good with plant accents or even a plant wall in your home. This idea may not work if you have pets in your home. But if you do not and you don’t mind the maintenance and care, this trend may be right for you. And if you don’t have a green thumb, or you’re worried about your dogs or cats getting a hold of poisoning plants, artificial plants are another good decorating option.

2019’s Favorite Colors

The three big colors of 2019 are gold, matte black and very dark green called Nightwatch green. Not only do these colors go together, but they would also make the plant accents and natural fabric furniture pieces pop. Even if not used as main colors, finding pieces at a new and used consignment shop that stays up to date on today’s trends should be easy to find to accent any room. These colors would go perfect as a single wall to contract a bright room, or as your kitchen countertop or stools, or as a dark and cool furniture piece in the corner of an otherwise natural and cozy space.

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture had a short life back in the 1960s as a “one hit wonder” so to speak and now it’s making a comeback. And what better place to find someone’s old curved velvet couch they finally got rid of than in a consignment shop like Another Man’s Treasure? You could have an entire room be stoic and square – or have clean cut lines, and then throw guests off with a curved couch in the middle of all of it. It would certainly bring a unique and playful touch to a room that might otherwise feel cold. Curved furniture will be one of 2019s favorites so now would be the time to update your look with this recycled vintage look.


Speaking of clean lines, minimalism is still trending into 2019. Not only does simple come into mind with minimalism, but compact and multifunctional furniture pieces fit into the minimalist lifestyle as well. This furniture trend is hot with people moving into urban areas especially as they need to make the most of a smaller living space. Or say you live out in the countryside and you have a small room in your house not being used for anything and you think you can use minimalism to create a usable space. Whatever your need, this trend is here to stay for a bit due to its penchant for practicality. It makes great use of space while keeping a simple and clean loo.

Bar Carts

Another practical trend that started in 2018 and will continue into the new year is bar carts. There are so many styles to choose from and a new and used furniture store is sure to have the newest styles and some recycled vintage pieces that speak to your ideas for home. Bar carts are versatile and can be used in any room. Or, if you don’t intend on using to it to actually serve alcohol to yourself or any guests, it can be used to store decorative pieces. Whatever your idea for use of a bar cart, it will at least add fun decor to a room.

Art Deco is Back

Art Deco is back for 2019 and while it doesn’t seem to fit with many of the other trends such as minimalism, it really can work. Whether you’re scrapping the whole minimalism look, or making a single wall the exact opposite from the rest of the room, Art Deco may be the perfect touch for your home. It is also something vintage pieces in a consignment shop may have to add unique style to your home. The glamour of the original period it came from deserves a comeback and today’s modern ideas could easily be mixed with Art Deco to bring style to a room.

Embellished Furniture

Other furniture pieces you may easily find in a new and used consignment shop are embellished furniture pieces. Some of the handmade pieces could have these embellishments and they would certainly make your home special. It could be a different texture, geometric patterns, fringes or faux hair. Whatever your fancy, an embellished furniture piece could be all you need to bring life into an otherwise clean line or minimalist room.

Even if you already have ideas in mind for how you’d like to redecorate a room or your entire house, let these trends of 2019 add flare to your ideas for rooms that really come together. You may have always been in love with Art Deco, but you were never around in its hay day to make use of it. Or you may have seen grandma’s curved couch in old family photos and secretly loved it while the rest of the family snickered. Or you are truly a minimalist at heart and looking to just steal a fancy piece to pop out in the middle of a simple room.

A furniture store that sell new and old consignment items is the perfect one-stop shopping place to put everything together that you need. From bar carts, to handmade embellished pieces, vintage, and new modern styles, these types of furniture stores with often rotating stock can really help you put a very personal touch to your home. Why look the same as everyone else? Get a timeless and creative look for your home. Get furniture pieces that speak to your personal style and add uniqueness to your room or home. Or, go for the practical and stick with the natural fabrics and multiuse compact minimalist looks.

You could go dark with matte black or Nightwatch green. Or simply make a huge contrast with one wall while the rest of the room stays bright with white with gold accents. Fill a room with plants – or use them to access every room to pull everything together.

Whatever your vision, Another Man’s Treasure is sure to have what you’re looking for. If you’re not looking for anything in particular, they’re sure to carry the latest trends and certainly unique vintage pieces that speak to you on sight. Whether you’re looking to reinvent your entire house or just redo a room, let the newest trends of 2019 speak to you. You may not be looking to redo your house or a room at all, but you may feel like you’re missing something at home. A furniture store carrying many of these trending pieces could have something you’re looking for to bring a room together.

The great thing about furniture and decorations is the wide variety of choices and styles. The great thing about stores that carry both new and used consignment pieces is the specialness these stores have to make your home truly unique. You certainly do not want your home to look like a cookie cutter, but you also want it to be trendy, practical, and perhaps even cozy. 2019s trends has all of these things. Some could be classified as even timeless. It should be easy this year to find a style or a piece that speaks to you personally. Let the experts at the furniture and consignment store help you redesign a room or your entire home. It’s not something you will regret, especially given all the fun choices today’s trends bring to the table. Let the friendly associates at Another Man’s Treasure help you today. it’s a decision you won’t soon regret and you’ll love the new look of your home.