When someone enters your property, the first thing that welcomes them is the beauty of your hallway. Whether you want to keep your hallway functional or just a decorated area of your property, do it the right way.

However, keeping your hallway decorated, beautiful, and appealing is always a wiser choice. If that’s what you need, give us a chance to help you create your home’s hallway attractive and functional with our practical design guide.

Decorating your home hallway can be an intimidating task if you are not aware of the design elements that should be employed in its decoration or design. It is the first place that welcomes your guests and forms an impression of your home, so make sure that it looks well-organized and complements your home’s overall decor.
Here, we have provided some helpful tips for those looking for how to decorate a hallway.

Consider How You Use Your Hallway

Before anything else, you need to decide how you want to use the hallway, whether you want to keep it functional or make a statement of your home through it. If you want to make it stylish and want to use it as a way to make your home appealing and beautiful, decorate it with elegant pattern floor tiles, stylish or classy carpet, and elegant console tables.

If it’s more of a functional area of your home, then build smart storage.

Start With Hardware Hallway Flooring

Hallways encounter a lot of foot traffic, which means it collects dirt from the shoes of those entering through it. The first thing you need to do to make your hallway stylish is to opt for hardware hallway flooring. You might install patterned floor tiles, wood flooring, or concrete flooring. Regardless of what you opt for, make sure it makes a sound statement and resonates with the rest of your home’s decor. You should opt for something durable both in terms of strength and style.

When opting for flooring, consider lighter and brighter colors because they give an illusion of a spacious hallway. Patterned floor tiles do a better job at hiding dirt marks as compared to plain tiles.

While laying the floor tiles, the diagonal layout makes the hallway look spacious both in terms of width and length.

Choosing The Best Color For Hallway Walls

Typically, hallway walls are painted with brighter and lighter colors that certainly makes them beautiful and appealing. It is also a way to make the hallway look spacious and reflect daylight. The paint finish is vital to ensure you can freshen up the walls whenever you want.

Choose A Stylish Hallway Lighting Solution

If you want to avoid searching for your stuff placed in the hallway, install stylish and practical lighting. In case the ceiling is lower, install understated wall uplight fittings. It will make a perception of the high ceiling than it actually is.

High ceilings make a perfect choice for hanging a chandelier or pendant. It will not only improve the decor of your hallway but make the hallway beautifully bright. Make sure to install high-quality LED bulbs that mimic daylight.

Create The Illusion Of Space In A Small Hallway

Sometimes homeowners dedicate only a small space to the hallway. If your home is designed like this, you need to create the illusion of space in a small hallway. With the help of a few things, you can do this perfectly.

One way to do so is to install a large-sized wall mirror on one of the walls that makes your hallway look spacious and long. You can also place a console table in the hallway. It provides both style and functionality purposes. Placing light lamps on the tables goes a long way in enhancing the spaciousness of the hallway.

Maximize Space With Hallway Storage Solutions

Storage solutions don’t only improve the appearance of a functional hallway but also enhance its style and elegance. Elegantly designed storage solutions in the hallway allow you to organize and store your belongings. Think of the things you will want to store. Commonly that would be shoes, jackets, and bags. You can install hangers on the walls for hanging items. Also, consider shoe storage in the form of racks or shelves.

Use Under Stair Space Cleverly

Generally, the hallway has under stair space and is left for nothing. You can utilize this space cleverly to make it functional and attractive. You can install a central door under the stair space and store your large items inside it.

Consider Staircase Design Options

If your hallway has a staircase, it’s a great option to beautify your hallway. You can place a stylish carpet runner on the staircase or give it a wooden finish to make it appealing and beautiful.

Another way to beautify the staircase is to paint it. You can choose a color that contrasts with the color of the handrail. It will create a refreshing look in your hallway. Such a paint style is perfect for both old-style houses and contemporary style houses. By choosing tough white paint, you’ll be able to brighten up your hallway.

Complete The Hallway With Decorative Details

Once you have painted the walls and staircase, installed flooring, and mounted the lighting solutions, it is time to do the decorative detailing for an elegant finish.

That’s where you can either make your hallway extremely attractive or dull, so proceed with caution. When doing decorative detailing, one thing you need to avoid is over personalization.

You can add catchy details to the hallway by displaying your pictures in a gallery style. A better way to do so is to display black and white photography, which never gets old.

You can also place house plants in the hallway to make it refreshing and appealing. If your hallway is empty and you want to place something that makes it lively, then consider placing statement pieces as your house plants. A cactus makes a brilliant choice here. You can place succulent pots on the console table, and it’ll make your hallway lively and refreshing.

Hanging a curtain across the front door is an excellent idea. Choose something that complements the decor of the rest of your house.

Space Planning For Hallways

How well you can design your hallway depends on how well thought space planning was done while building the home. While designing your home, make sure that you know how you’ll use your hallway.
While designing, you should consider if your hallway is one of the main features of your home or not.

While building your home, put considerable thought into its space planning. If you have enough land to build your home, you can keep the hallway spacious enough to host guests. Having vaulted ceilings in the hallway makes it open, attractive, and spacious. So this option is worth considering.

If you have a beautiful home, you can make its hallway just as beautiful as the rest of it. All you need to do is to follow this comprehensive design guide.